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We offers a wide range of multimedia products
and services, including: Special- Event
Videography, Corporate Presentations, Training
and Industrial Videos, Advertising, Promotions,
as well as Broadcast and Cable Television
Productions, from 30 second-spots to Feature-
Length Shows.  Our specialty is political ads.  
Also, see our
"American Environmental House™"
project page, for Kevin Roots, Head of "Crazy
Englishman Productions™" and watch our video.

Leighton Designs Unlimited (LDU) creates our
interiors and stage-sets, as well as client facilities.  
LDU is also certified in Interior Design and
We are multi-certified members of the Society of Broadcast Engineers
G-Cube is associated with Leighton Designs Unlimited (LDU)
G-Cube has been doing business from Riverside CA, USA, since 1991
LDU has been designing in the Inland Empire & the O.C. since 1986
Producers of the "World of Art", local Public Television show, since 1997
College Educators, Designers, Producers and Consultants
Call us for a FREE-quotation on your next project at (951) 784-7732
Initially mention Promo-Code "BRAVO7" for a 5% DISCOUNT off services
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the multimediA companY
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