About Leighton
Designs Unlimited
Leighton Designs Unlimited was established in 1986.  As the name implies, at LDU,  
we think out of the boundaries of "The Box".  We apply our multi-talented staff in many
endeavors.  The firm has grown from being only a commercial Interior Design company,
through the graphic arts, and on into television production.   Now we do it all.  

We treat every client as important, with special needs for which we have solutions.  Our
philosophy is to create unique environments to reflect your individuality.  We scale our
work to fit your current needs.  We will transform your ideas into reality.
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Background of Owner
Nita G. Leighton, CID holds two bachelor degrees with
multiple certifications in design and related fields.  Her
second degree launched Nita into award winning
commercial Interior Design, encompassing more than 30
years.  Her rich background in ergonomics, art and
environmental engineering have blended harmoniously with
her natural artistic gifts and diverse computer knowledge.

Television production and post-production have enriched
Nita's multimedia offerings for her corporate clients.  Her
unrivaled organizational skills and attention to details have
earned her the respect of clients, and peers, by continually
meeting budget and scheduling expectations.

Combining desktop publishing, presentation software
expertise and computer graphics capability, Nita exceeds
the expectations of her clients.  Teaming-up with skilled
architects, contractors and other professionals allows
Leighton Designs Unlimited to truly be unlimited in scope.
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