"World of Art"--  
Local Public
Television History
About Nita Leighton and the "World of Art" Local Public Television Series

Nita Leighton (of LDU) and Glen Graham (of G-Cube) co-created the "World of Art" series in
the mid-1990's, while working on a related project.  While G-Cube actually performs the
physical production of the television shows, Nita Leighton is the Executive Producer for the
"World of Art" TV series and makes them "happen".   

Nita is a certified Public Access Television Producer for
Charter Communications in Riverside.  
Nita's "World of Art" TV series represents her giving-back to her community.  Her love for
the Arts and for Riverside is her motivation for donating her time and resources toward
production of these shows.  "World of Art" is a non-commercial, Public Access TV series
that explores the many forms of art that exist both in and around the Inland Empire.

"World of Art" is cablecast throughout Riverside and Norco at 7:30pm, each
Tuesday night, on Channel-33
.   These shows have been continuously cablecast on
Charter Cable TV since 1997.

Nita holds a lifetime,
FCC General Radio Operator License; is a member of the Society of
Broadcast Engineers
; is a Certified Television (station) Operator; and is a Certified Broadcast
Technologist.  Nita earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from U.C. Irvine and another
from Woodbury University, in Interior Design.  She has earned many other certifications,
including one in Graphic Design.  She is also a Certified Interior Designer, with a history of
Award-Winning projects.

Over the past decade, "World of Art" has spotlighted many diverse art forms, including:
Applied (Fine) Arts, Performing Arts, Creative/Technical Arts (and sciences), as well as the
Art that is found in Nature.
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