Kevin Roots presents the
"American Environmental
House™" (AEH) Project
While G-Cube is not responsible for the "American Environmental House™" project, we are
in production of the promotional videos for Kevin Roots, General Contractor; Head of
"Crazy Englishman Productions™"; Creator of the "American Environmental House™".   We
are temporarily hosting Kevin's streaming video of the 8-minute, supplier promo-video,
herein, during the
"2007 West Coast Green" convention and show, in San Francisco.   
After the  conclusion of that  event, we will complete construction of the new web-site
for this project, at, where this, and several new
videos, will be hosted, as progress escalates.   Please enjoy this educational experience.
This website is copyrighted by
G-Cube 2007 and components
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we license.  
For Non-High-Speed Users
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the AUDIO portion of the
American Environmental
House™ project video will
be played here.

The MP3 audio file is still
over 7MB in size, so your
audio may stutter or
freeze at times.  If you
have trouble, then try
pausing  your streaming
playback and wait for the
progress bar to move
well forward of the player
button.  Then you may
resume playing later and
get smooth playback.
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